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ANKARA / ALTINDAĞ - Halk Eğitim Merkezi ve Akşam Sanat Okulu


Altindag Public Education Center and Evening Art School (APEC) is an institution in National Ministry of Education´s keep, which provides education for adults, youngs and life long learning. Organization also creates relations with the other governmental and private educational organizations and create courses and activities for them. 1 director, 6 assitants of director, 54 regular and 204 temporary teachers have been working in our institution. In 2011-2012 Education Period, organization created 1091 different type of courses for adults. Institution has potential, facilities and opportunities to handle this project. In the institution, Project Coordination Office has already been established and working with desire and success. Organization´s main theme is to develop public´s educational degree and to provide them opportunity to improve their abilities.
Our organization will actively participate in the project´s all events. Our main tasks are to take part in the mobilities, to organize the mobility event and content, to provide experienced trainers and learners, to help the events of the project´s compilation.
APEC is outhrized  to open every kind of vocational and art courses in its area or district as official/governmental and non-formal education center. APEC opens vocational and art courses depend on puplic’s demands/needs or area’s (district’s) needs. But we have to announce about works and activities to people. So that the people are informed. We are one among other options to learn for people  APEC is not only active in its area and in is its depends on big city. Everyone comes to learn to APEC from out of area/district or other places. There are Public Education Centers in other district and cities. Vocational and art courses are changeable depend on time and needs. APEC (all public education centers) are connected Ministry of National Education as online. Ministry have got very big data base all of Turkey in non-formal education and public education system. There are very varieties vocational, art , social, culturel and etc cources in date base systems. Whichever course wants/demands we open and give education who demand  But as official, if there is the course in data base, we can open and realize. There are hundreds of courses and activity in the system. Also we can make and apply EU programs and projects. We are social, cultural, art center for adult, young and children.
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